We think differently about mental health, so you can too

Are you suffering from mental illness?

Such as anxiety, depression, anger, or other emotional and mental health challenges?

Do you want to live a happier,more fulfilling and purposeful life?


This unique, natural, alternative approach can help you.

Break the cycle of negative internal thoughts and destructive behaviors.

This course will teach you how to meditate Properly so you can relieve anxiety, stress and experience real peace, helping you to overcome your mental health problems, not just at the surface level, but at the core and deep-rooted level in the subconscious, where our problems and disturbances lay hidden.

We will explain and teach you how meditation works with the body and how to incorporate meditation in your everyday life, giving you the ability to clean the habit patterns of the mind, so that you can liberate yourself from the suffering you’re experiencing daily.

This course will show you the unbelievable benefits of meditation. More importantly, you will be learning the quick steps of meditation to be able to experience it and apply it directly to your life.

In order to have a peaceful and happy life, it is crucial that you must succeed in having peace within the framework of the body. This meditation is one of the most useful and grounding ways of attending to our body’s sensation, you will begin to experience the endless benefits of meditation, improve your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

By taking this course today, you will be able to start meditation and improve your mental, emotional &physical health now!!


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What you can expect from this course....


The first level of the course is priced at $140 Aud

This is the  1 week course. 

Silver Package

$140 aud

3- one hour private lessons via zoom calls 


Gold Package

$260 aud

Daily one hour private lesson via Zoom

 We teach you the technique and explain how your mind is currently working

You will do daily 1-hour meditation sittings,

 We will discuss your progress on our zoom calls

Any problems you are experiencing with the technique

Things that come up to the surface during your meditation 

So that you can get a clear understanding of what’s going on in your mind.

The lifelong benefits of learning and practicing the techniques you’ll learn over these 4 weeks are incredible

The course requires hard, serious work to achieve these benefits

Join now !

What Our Clients​​ Say

This technique helped me identify and remove toxic negative thought patterns that have been recurring for years, Im now able to see beyond the limiting beliefs that I had been placing on myself.
Brenda Sánchez
Meditation and breathwork are now part of my daily life and have made huge changes that my wife and family are so grateful for,I'm more loving and connected with everyone including myself.
Mark Ficher
I was able to break free of negative thoughts and pattens,experience profound and now after 8 months i can also say lasting effects. It's something that's changed my life.
Diana Bradwood